1.Why Network Marketing?
Network Marketing is the lowest risk, lowest overhead way to start your own home based business.

It's a Great Option to Impact people.  The more people you help with their dreams and goals the more dreams and goals you get to achieve.

2.What does this Company do?
We specialize in helping people to get started in their own highly profitable home based business, especially people with little or no business sales experience and limited capital.

It has its own infrastructure so that thousands of people just like you can own and run their own home based business, achieving success by helping others through a corporate culture based on family values and fun.

3.Benefits in working from Home 
With this Company  you can work your business right from home using your computer and using your phone.  Because you’ll be using home as office, it gives you potential tax advantages with virtually no overhead, plus you get to spend your time with who you want and doing what you want.

Everyday thousands of people are choosing to work from home.  Analyst are predicting that in the very near future many people are choosing home based businesses.  The top 20% of home based business owners earn more than 75K per year.  The average income is 30K.

4.What are the products?
It's a growing product line premium and well priced. Life changing and life enhancing to help you feel better,look better and have balance in your life.  Life is good.

5.How do I make money?

There are retail profits, pipeline bonuses, and commissions

When you sell and use the products you can make a whole variety of commissions for those sales 

6.How much can I make?
That’s entirely up to you.  Many affiliates are making $100 to 8K a month and more. Again the amount of money you make is entirely up to you.

7.What will I be doing?
Basically your job as an affiliate is to get information to other qualified people about our company’s possibilities and potential.  And of course a home business opportunity.  Essentually the more people you get information to the more money you will make.  The bottom line is if you get information to enough people you can make a lot of money

8.I’m very busy – how can I do this?
You being busy is something our company took into consideration when they set this system up.  The company does a lot of work for you.  Basically all you need is a computer and phone.

Say you have a prospect who wants to know more.  You can give them a sight to visit # to call, information to read, all of these sales and marketing tools will do the presenting for you.  So if you have a little time everyday you’ll spend it getting information to people, and following up with them.

It is convenient, easy to use, highly effective.  Everything we have is available to you.  24/7 days a week.  The more people you plug in the more you’ll sponsor.  The more you sponsor, the more money you’ll make,...... and we’ll teach you the best ways to use the system.

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